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Q: Do we need a reservation?

Q: What if we do not finish our meal?

A: We do not offer takeout boxes or doggie bags. You are welcome to create as many stir fry's as you'd like, but please take what you will eat as leftovers may be subject to a $10.95 per pound charge to help keep prices low for all guests.

Q: Is there a time limit?

A: Tables are limited to two hours per visit. We have limited seating and have implemented this limit to allow for more guests to enjoy our AYCE Mongolian Grill experience.

Q: Do you hold private parties?

A: We can host your party or event! We can even close out the location for events with 55 guests or more! Call for pricing and information (631-775-6201)

Q: How are allergies handled?

A: We clean the grill after each stir fry. On request, we will do a deep clean of a spot on the grill and use dedicated spatulas to cook for a guest with an allergy to minimize the risk of any cross-contamination.